European Captain Luke Donald is going with statistics over history at the Ryder Cup

European Ryder Cup Captain Luke Donald is taking a data-driven approach rather than relying on tradition and history for this year's competition at the Marco Simone Golf & Country Club in Italy. In previous Ryder Cups, Europe has typically started with Four-ball matches, but Donald has chosen the Foursomes format for this year's opening matches. Foursomes, where players alternate shots, is considered a tougher format for scoring. The last time Europe began a home Ryder Cup with Foursomes was in 1993, and that was also the last time Europe lost at home.

Donald explained that the decision to start with Foursomes was based on statistical analysis, believing that the European team is stronger in Foursomes matches this year. The goal is to get off to a fast start in the competition.

This decision comes in contrast to the long-standing tradition of starting with Four-ball matches, and it showcases the growing importance of data and analytics in modern sports strategies. The Ryder Cup is known for its rich history and traditions, but captains are increasingly relying on data and statistical insights to make strategic decisions that can give their team an advantage.

The absence of Tiger Woods, who is recovering from ankle surgery, is also noted in the article. While Woods wasn't present at the Ryder Cup, he provided motivational support through text messages to the team during the 2021 competition, which the U.S. won convincingly. The U.S. Captain Zach Johnson mentioned that Woods offered insights but acknowledged that it's essential for the team to navigate the competition themselves during the tournament week.