Five things every golfer can learn from Brian Harman’s equipment at The Open Championship

Brian Harman's outstanding performance at The Open Championship, culminating in a six-stroke victory at Royal Liverpool Golf Club, showcases essential lessons for golfers worldwide. Despite giving up significant distance off the tee compared to his peers like Rory McIlroy and Jon Rahm, Harman strategically maximizes his strengths and minimizes weaknesses through his equipment choices. Here are five key takeaways from his gear setup that amateurs can learn from:

  1. The Right Flex Matters Harman's slower swing speed of 293.7 yards on the PGA TOUR allows him to utilize more flexible shafts than his competitors. This decision optimizes his launch and spin, resulting in increased distance and accuracy. For instance, his Titleist TSi2 9-degree driver head is paired with a Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 5S shaft, and his Titleist TSi2 13.5-degree fairway wood features a Fujikura Speeder 661 Evolution II S shaft. Amateurs should take this lesson to heart and select shafts appropriate for their own swing speeds, even if it means sacrificing ego in favor of efficiency and yardage.

  2. Embrace Forgiveness Harman's choice of clubs for his short and mid irons, the Titleist 620 CB irons, provides a blend of compact design and cavity-back construction, ensuring forgiveness on off-center strikes. He further enhances forgiveness for his 3, 4, and 5 irons by employing the Titleist U-500 iron models. These incorporate multi-material construction and strategic weighting to increase ball speed and stability on mis-hits. Amateur golfers, especially those with slower swing speeds, should consider technology-driven options to maximize distance and control on the greens.

  3. Trust in Your Putter Harman's remarkable putting prowess at The Open Championship is attributed to his trust in an old friend, the TaylorMade Spider OS CB mallet putter. Despite considering alternatives due to occasional misbehavior on the greens, Harman stayed loyal to his putter and reaped the rewards. The oversized design with a high moment of inertia minimizes face twisting on off-center hits and maintains head stability throughout the stroke. This demonstrates the value of finding a putter that instills confidence and aligns with one's putting style.

  4. Invest in Alignment Aids Beyond clubs, equipment can play a pivotal role in improving a golfer's game. Harman utilizes an EyeLine Golf "Putting Alignment Mirror" to ensure proper eye alignment over the ball and receive feedback on stroke path. This simple yet effective tool helped him enhance his putting consistency, and amateurs can benefit from similar aids to fine-tune their alignment and stroke mechanics.

  5. Choose the Right Golf Ball The golf ball is a golfer's constant companion on every shot, making its selection critical. Harman's switch to the Titleist Pro V1 2017 golf ball from a competitor's ball significantly impacted his game. The Pro V1's design enabled him to flight iron shots better, control the ball around the green, and perform well in windy conditions. Amateurs should understand the importance of selecting the appropriate golf ball that complements their game style and contributes to better overall performance.

In conclusion, Brian Harman's success at The Open Championship serves as an inspiring example of how strategic equipment choices can empower golfers to overcome challenges and achieve greatness on the course. By applying the lessons from his gear setup, amateur golfers can optimize their game, enhance performance, and enjoy more success on their golfing journey.