How it works: Earning a PGA TOUR card from the Korn Ferry Tour

Earning a PGA TOUR card from the Korn Ferry Tour involves a process based on season-long performance. Here's how it works:

  1. Korn Ferry Tour Points List: Throughout the Korn Ferry Tour season, players earn points based on their performance in various tournaments. These points contribute to their position on the Korn Ferry Tour Points List, which is essentially the season-long standings.

  2. PGA TOUR Membership: At the end of the Korn Ferry Tour season, PGA TOUR membership for the following season is offered to players based on their standings on the Korn Ferry Tour Points List. The number of PGA TOUR cards available through this route has increased over the years. As of 2023, the Korn Ferry Tour awards 30 PGA TOUR cards based on these standings.

  3. Priority Ranking: Players who earn PGA TOUR membership via the Korn Ferry Tour category are placed in a specific category on the PGA TOUR Priority Ranking, known as the 'Korn Ferry Tour graduates' category. This category is positioned just below the 'Top 125 category,' which includes PGA TOUR exempt members from the prior season.

  4. Reshuffles: Throughout the PGA TOUR season, there are reshuffle intervals to ensure that players who perform exceptionally well are appropriately positioned. This means that high-achieving Korn Ferry Tour graduates have opportunities to improve their priority ranking during the season.

  5. Season-Long Points Winner: The player who finishes as the season-long points winner on the Korn Ferry Tour Points List earns fully exempt PGA TOUR status for the next season. This player is not subject to the reshuffle category. Additionally, the season-long points winner receives invitations to prestigious tournaments like THE PLAYERS Championship and the U.S. Open.

  6. Notable Recent Winners: In recent years, players like Justin Suh (2022), Stephan Jaeger (2020-21), Scottie Scheffler (2019), and Sungjae Im (2018) have finished as the season-long points leader on the Korn Ferry Tour and earned their PGA TOUR cards.

  7. Korn Ferry Tour Finals (Optional): There is also an optional Korn Ferry Tour Finals for players who want a second chance to gain or improve their PGA TOUR status. This series includes players from various categories, including those from the Regular Season and the FedExCup standings.

In summary, the Korn Ferry Tour serves as a crucial pathway for aspiring professional golfers to earn PGA TOUR membership by excelling in a series of tournaments and achieving a high standing on the Korn Ferry Tour Points List.