How to bet on Tiger Woods: Which Masters props make sense for five-time winner

If you're looking to bet on Tiger Woods as he makes his return to the Masters, there are several intriguing options to consider. While Woods remains a longshot at +15000 to win the tournament, there are other prop bets that may offer more realistic opportunities for betting success.

  1. Making the Cut: Woods is currently +110 to make the cut, which could be a bet worth considering given his pursuit of a record 24th consecutive made cut at the Masters. If you believe in his ability to continue this streak, this could be a favorable bet to place.

  2. Top Finish: While winning the tournament may seem like a stretch, Woods is offered at +2200 for a Top 5 finish, +900 for a Top 10 finish, +350 for a Top 20 finish, and +100 for a Top 40 finish. These options provide a range of outcomes to consider based on your confidence in Woods' performance.

  3. Matchup Bets: You can also bet on Woods in matchup bets against other players. For example, he is +240 to beat Jason Day and Max Homa in their opening-round 3-Ball. These bets can add excitement to specific rounds of the tournament.

  4. Birdie Markets: If you're interested in specific aspects of Woods' performance, you can bet on his birdie count. Options include betting on Woods to birdie the first hole, or betting on the number of birdies he'll make in the opening round.

  5. Bogey-Free Rounds: Another intriguing bet is on whether Woods will have a bogey-free round. While this may be less likely, it offers higher odds for those willing to take the risk.

Ultimately, the best bets will depend on your assessment of Woods' current form, his historical performance at the Masters, and your risk tolerance as a bettor. It's essential to do your research and consider all factors before placing your bets.