Jake Knapp explains why he used two drivers during first PGA TOUR victory at Mexico Open at Vidanta

Jake Knapp's victory at the Mexico Open at Vidanta not only showcased his inspiring journey but also his strategic equipment choices, particularly his decision to use two drivers. Despite being a PGA TOUR rookie, Knapp's experience and knowledge of his game led him to this unconventional setup.

Rather than relying on a 3-wood, Knapp opts for a TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver with 13.5 degrees of loft alongside his 9-degree Ping G425 LST driver. He found that traditional fairway woods didn't suit his game, often leading to low strikes and excessive spin. The mini driver, on the other hand, offers him more forgiveness and consistency off the tee, crucial for his aggressive playing style.

Knapp's choice reflects his focus on practicality and effectiveness. He prioritizes clubs that give him the best chance of success, even if it means deviating from conventional norms. His partnership with PXG for his irons further emphasizes his commitment to playing with equipment that maximizes his performance and comfort.

By customizing his equipment setup to suit his game and preferences, Knapp demonstrates a mature approach to his craft, one that prioritizes results over tradition. His victory with this unique setup underscores the importance of finding what works best for individual players, even if it means thinking outside the box.