PGA TOUR outlines future sustainability direction

The PGA TOUR has announced its commitment to a more sustainable future and outlined its sustainability initiatives across its various operations and activities. The aim is to reduce negative environmental impacts while driving positive change in the communities where the PGA TOUR operates.

The TOUR's sustainability direction is guided by four pillars:

  1. Leadership and Influence: The TOUR seeks to motivate and inspire stakeholders to take action, educate through internal and external campaigns, and achieve third-party certification while aligning with industry sustainability standards.

  2. Climate Action: The TOUR will monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote circularity to reduce landfill waste, implement long-term water conservation strategies, and work toward Zero Waste operations.

  3. Purpose-Driven Partnerships: The TOUR will prioritize partnerships with entities that share sustainability goals, establish sustainability-focused partnerships, and update sponsorship and procurement standards accordingly.

  4. Promotion of Nature: The TOUR will assess its impact on nature, protect and restore nature through local and global projects, and raise awareness about the importance of nature.

The announcement reflects the growing recognition within the sports industry of the need to address environmental concerns and adopt sustainable practices. The PGA TOUR's commitment to sustainability is aligned with broader trends in corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Source: PGA TOUR