Qualifiers for all 2024 Signature Events, THE PLAYERS and majors

Nick Dunlap's Triumph and the Road to 2024's Signature Golf Events

The world of golf is teeming with excitement as the 2024 season unfolds, marked by the exceptional achievements of young golfers like Nick Dunlap and the anticipation of the upcoming Signature Events, THE PLAYERS, and the majors. Nick Dunlap's recent victory at The American Express has placed him in the spotlight, not only for his skill but also for the strategic choices he faces in his budding career.

A Historic Victory

At just 20 years old, Dunlap made headlines by winning The American Express, becoming the first amateur in over three decades to win a PGA TOUR event. This victory is not just a personal achievement but opens a plethora of opportunities and decisions for the young golfer. As a sophomore at the University of Alabama, Dunlap is at a crossroads – to continue his amateur career or turn professional.

Exemptions and Opportunities

Dunlap's win guarantees him a full exemption through 2026 on the PGA TOUR, but his decisions in the coming months will shape his path. As it stands, he has earned exemptions into THE PLAYERS Championship this year. Should he turn professional, he would also receive exemptions into the Masters and the PGA Championship.

Moreover, Dunlap, as the 2023 U.S. Amateur champion, already has exemptions to the Masters, the U.S. Open, and The Open Championship. However, turning professional would mean forfeiting some of these except for the U.S. Open, as the USGA permits U.S. Amateur champions to turn pro in the interim.

The 2024 Signature Events and Remaining Qualifiers

The 2024 golf season is particularly exciting with its Signature Events. Seven of these events are still on the horizon, accessible only to PGA TOUR members, presenting a potential reason for Dunlap to turn pro. Each event brings its unique flair and challenge, contributing to the overall dynamism of the season.

As for the remaining qualifiers for the majors, details will be released once the governing bodies provide the necessary information. Most traditional criteria are expected to be maintained.

Open Qualifying Series Update

The R&A has recently announced the last three sites for its Open Qualifying Series for The Open Championship. These include the IRS Prima Malaysian Open, the Mizuno Open, and the KOLON Korean Open. Players who perform exceptionally well in these tournaments, yet are not already exempt, will secure their spots in The Open.

The Players and Their Qualifications

An extensive list of golfers have already qualified for various events. Tyson Alexander, Byeong Hun An, and Ludvig Åberg are some of the notable names for THE PLAYERS Championship, with others like Keegan Bradley and Patrick Cantlay qualifying for all Signature Events. Nick Dunlap's addition to THE PLAYERS list marks a significant milestone in his career.

Future Qualifying Criteria

The qualifying criteria for each major event are detailed and structured to ensure the best golfing talent is showcased. For instance, THE PLAYERS Championship at TPC Sawgrass will include winners of PGA TOUR events and top performers in the FedExCup. The Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open, and The Open Championship have their distinct qualifying criteria, ensuring a diverse and competitive field.


As the 2024 golf season progresses, all eyes are on young talents like Nick Dunlap and the decisions they make. Their paths will not only define their careers but also shape the landscape of professional golf in the years to come. With the Signature Events and majors lined up, the golfing world eagerly awaits the unfolding of these thrilling competitions.