Barbasol Championship prize money breakdown

The Barbasol Championship, held at Keene Trace GC in Kentucky, offers a total purse of $3.8 million. The tournament provides a significant opportunity for players to secure a spot in the FedExCup Playoffs by finishing within the top 70 in the FedExCup standings. With just six events left in the Regular Season, the competition is intense.

The Barbasol Championship has a history of producing first-time winners, with Trey Mullinax emerging victorious in 2022 and Seamus Power claiming the title in 2021. The tournament's past results suggest that players will need to make plenty of birdies to contend throughout the week in the Bluegrass State.

The champion of the Barbasol Championship will not only receive the prestigious title but also earn 300 valuable FedExCup points. Additionally, the winner will take home a winner's check worth $684,000 from the $3.8 million purse. This represents approximately 18% of the total prize money.

Below is the complete breakdown of the prize money for the 2023 Barbasol Championship:

1st place: $684,000 (18% of the purse) 2nd place: $414,200 (10.90% of the purse) 3rd place: $262,200 (6.90% of the purse) 4th place: $186,200 (4.90% of the purse) 5th place: $155,800 (4.10% of the purse) 6th place: $137,750 (3.63% of the purse) 7th place: $128,250 (3.38% of the purse) 8th place: $118,750 (3.13% of the purse) 9th place: $111,150 (2.93% of the purse) 10th place: $103,550 (2.73% of the purse)

The prize money gradually decreases for each subsequent position, with a percentage reduction in each case. The breakdown continues in this manner until the 90th position, which earns $6,270 (0.17% of the purse).

The Barbasol Championship presents an opportunity for players to not only compete for a significant prize purse but also earn valuable FedExCup points. With the Regular Season drawing to a close, the stakes are high as players strive to secure their spots in the FedExCup Playoffs and enhance their chances of a successful season.