Details on Adam Scott’s new custom Miura irons at Charles Schwab Challenge

Adam Scott, known for his meticulous attention to equipment, has introduced a new set of custom Miura irons at the 2024 Charles Schwab Challenge. This shift comes after a missed cut at the PGA Championship, prompting Scott to experiment with his gear once again.

Iron Setup Details:

  • Long Irons: Miura CB-302
  • Mid-to-Short Irons: Miura KM-700

Key Features of the New Miura Irons:

  1. Miura CB-302 Long Irons:

    • Designed for control and precision, suitable for a player of Scott’s caliber.
    • Offers a blend of traditional iron feel with enhanced forgiveness and distance.
  2. Miura KM-700 Mid-to-Short Irons:

    • Forged Design: One-piece forged construction for optimal feel and feedback.
    • Heel-Toe Design: This unique design pushes the center of gravity toward the heel, expanding the sweet spot and increasing forgiveness.
    • Cavity Design: Complex cavity structure for better center of gravity placement and improved turf interaction.
    • Aesthetics: Features Miura’s signature red hanko stamping and Scott’s personal logo on the back cavities.

Background and Testing:

  • Initial Acquisition: Scott first received these irons at Miura's headquarters in Japan last fall during the ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • Previous Use: He briefly tested the KM-700 short irons at the Wyndham Championship last year but did not keep them in the bag until now.

Performance Context:

  • Recent Performance: Scott’s season includes five top-25 finishes in 10 starts, with a highlight being a T8 finish at the WM Phoenix Open.
  • Expectations: The new Miura irons aim to enhance Scott's game with their blend of traditional looks and modern performance technology.


Adam Scott’s decision to use the new custom Miura irons at the Charles Schwab Challenge underscores his commitment to optimizing his equipment for better performance. This setup combines the classic feel of traditional irons with the advanced design features of modern clubs, potentially providing Scott with the balance of precision and forgiveness needed to excel at Colonial Country Club.