Nine things to know: TPC Sawgrass

Here are the nine key points to know about TPC Sawgrass:

  1. A Dollar and a Dream: TPC Sawgrass was built on 415 acres purchased for just $1 by PGA TOUR Commissioner Deane Beman.

  2. Sketchers: Initial sketches for the course were laid out on a placemat by Pete Dye, highlighting his improvisational approach to design.

  3. Stadium Golf: The concept behind TPC Sawgrass was to create an experience that catered to spectators, with large spectator mounds and holes running parallel for better viewing.

  4. Island of Adventure: The iconic 17th hole features an island green, originally conceived due to the depletion of sand around the course.

  5. Fair and Balanced: The course layout ensures fairness by offering similar challenges on both nines, accommodating various styles of play.

  6. The Spice of Life: TPC Sawgrass demands a variety of shots, with holes bending in different directions and varying lengths.

  7. Worth the Wait: Winning multiple times at TPC Sawgrass is challenging, with only five players achieving this feat, often with years between victories.

  8. On the March: The tournament returned to March in 2019, leading to more unpredictable scores due to weather conditions and course setup.

  9. Revolutionary Design: Initially controversial among players, TPC Sawgrass is now revered as a groundbreaking course, known for its visual intimidation and skill-testing layout.

These points highlight the unique history and design philosophy behind TPC Sawgrass, making it one of the most iconic courses on the PGA TOUR.