Shaw Charity Classic presented by Rogers continues to make an Impact

The Shaw Charity Classic presented by Rogers recently concluded, with Ken Duke securing his first career PGA TOUR Champions victory in his 100th start. Duke's triumph was a culmination of perseverance and hard work, reminiscent of the journey of Ashley Exall, an 18-year-old from Calgary whose story parallels Duke's in its determination and spirit.

Ashley's journey began with her sister Lauren's birth, who was diagnosed with a heart defect. The family's relocation from Calgary to Edmonton for Lauren's medical treatment was both challenging and expensive. Ashley exhibited unwavering support for her sister during her hospital stays, spending nights by her side and being a pillar of strength.

The Exall family's experience led them to notice the lack of support for families facing similar challenges. They established Heart Beats Children's Society of Calgary, an organization providing assistance to children with congenital heart defects and their families. Tara Exall, Ashley's mother, emphasized the importance of contributing to the community and giving back.

The Shaw Charity Classic, which began in 2013, is an event with a strong philanthropic focus, aimed at raising funds for youth-based charities in Alberta. The tournament matches up to 50 percent of donations for recipient charities like Heart Beats. The event not only raises funds but also creates opportunities for young individuals who have positively impacted their community.

Clay Riddell, the driving force behind the Shaw Charity Classic, believed in giving back to the community. The tournament established the Clay Riddell Community Hero award in his memory, providing scholarships to young individuals who exhibit positive characteristics and community impact.

Ashley Exall, motivated by her passion for science and her sister's experiences, pursued Integrated Biomedical Engineering at McMaster University. Her goal is to invent solutions that help individuals with medical issues or disabilities. Applying for the scholarship was a way for Ashley to make her dream a reality, as it would ease the financial burden of tuition.

Upon receiving news of her scholarship, Ashley was overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude. The scholarship not only covers her first year of college but also allows her to focus on her studies and goals without the stress of tuition fees.

Tara Exall expressed her pride and joy at Ashley's achievement, highlighting her dedication to making a positive impact on her community. For Ashley, the scholarship signifies the opportunity to pursue her passion and contribute meaningfully to the world.

The Shaw Charity Classic, through its philanthropic efforts and scholarships, continues to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals like Ashley Exall, supporting their dreams and aspirations