Why the rise of Sahith Theegala is even less likely than you thought

The rise of Sahith Theegala in the world of golf is even less likely than one might initially think. Here are some key points highlighted in the article that make his journey to success in golf remarkable:

  1. Golf in India is Niche: Golf is not a widely popular sport in India, with cricket, field hockey, and soccer dominating the sports landscape. Golf courses in India are relatively few and are often located on military bases, making them difficult for civilians to access.

  2. Sahith's Father's Introduction to Golf: Sahith's father, Murli Theegala, had little exposure to golf until he moved to Kansas to pursue his master's in engineering at Kansas State University. He had never played golf before and was more inclined toward academics.

  3. A Chance Meeting: Murli formed a close friendship with fellow student Paramjeet Ahulwalia, who was also new to golf. Both eventually moved to Los Angeles, married, and started families. Their shared interest in golf began when Ahulwalia's father-in-law, Brig. Manmohan Singh Sawhney, who was a golfer in the Indian Army, visited and wanted to play golf. Ahulwalia and Murli started playing regularly, sometimes joined by Singh Sawhney, and eventually brought their young sons, including Sahith.

  4. Sahith's Early Interest: Even at the age of 3, Sahith displayed a keen interest in golf. He started practicing putting at home, and his passion for the sport grew. He continued to develop his golf skills, eventually becoming a standout player.

  5. The Unexpected Journey: Sahith's journey in golf was unexpected, given his family's background and the limited popularity of the sport in India. His success is a testament to his talent, dedication, and the ripple effect of events, such as the chance meeting between Murli Theegala and Paramjeet Ahulwalia, that led to his introduction to golf.

  6. Emotional Tribute: Sahith Theegala's recent victory at the Fortinet Championship was an emotional moment for him. During his acceptance speech, he thanked his father, Murli, for his unwavering support throughout his golf career. Sahith described his father as both a mentor and a best friend.

In summary, Sahith Theegala's journey to becoming a successful golfer is a remarkable story of talent, dedication, and a series of unexpected events that led him to the sport of golf despite the odds. His recent victory on the PGA TOUR is a testament to his hard work and the support of those who believed in him, including his father and close friend, Paramjeet Ahulwalia.